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Artist: Rush
Title: Rush In Rio
Format: DVD (2)
Genre: Rock, Arena, AOR, Progressive, Art, Hard 
Label: Rounder Records-www.rounder.com
Website: www.rush.com

I could not wait to see this DVD! When it arrived, I felt a Rush of excitement come over me. This gorgeously 
packed two DVD set is Rush In Rio, a documentation of one of the band's performances in Brazil. 
While their fans have been patiently waiting to see their heroes perform, Geddy Lee (bass), Neil Peart 
(drums) and Alex Lifeson (guitar) had no idea that there were so many rabid fans awaiting their performances 
in Brazil.

This year I purchased all the remastered Rush CDs and rediscovered this great band. I always 
enjoyed their music but never jumped in so deep into their catalog as I have recently. They are 
surely one of the most famous rock trios since their inception in the '70s. I realize there have 
been many, but who comes close to their output and popularity since their career began? The 
one thing that struck me as amazing while viewing this DVD was their breathtakingly potent 
sound. For three people to create such magnificent and authoritative music is a bona fide 
accomplishment. The fact that they are all very talented musicians and extremely creative is what 
makes their music so incredible; there can be no denying that. 

Neil Peart is amazing; he is completely surrounded by percussive instruments on stage and 
manages to get more sounds out of his equipment than I have ever witnessed. Geddy Lee has 
one of the most distinctive voices in rock and plays the bass and keyboards with model 
professionalism. What can you say about Alex Lifeson? What an amazingly gifted guitar player. 
He is a complete riot as well. On the backstage and behind the scenes footage he had me 
laughing all the time, he is such a character! Geddy Lee commented in an interview that he was 
not a methodical player but an instinctive one, which is the highest compliment you could possible 
give a musician as far as I am concerned.

Twenty-eight songs is quite a lot of music and they offer up a nice career spanning set for the 
massive throng in Brazil. They also do some tracks off their latest studio offering Vapor 
Trails (which I highly recommend). I have to say that I enjoyed watching the crowd of 
thousands that gathered in the massive soccer stadium to watch them play two memorable sets. 
To witness such an immense group of human beings swaying back and forth and jumping up and 
down in unison as one single entity is a site to behold. I cannot imagine what it looked like from 
the band's point of view. The videos playing in the background on some of songs are terrifically 
entertaining and so is the laser show, in fact every aspect of their show is exceptional. I did not 
get the three dryers spinning on stage with clothes in them though, what was that all about? I 
guess they give the fans the shirts and it says on them something like "Taken from dryer #1 at a 
Rush concert." 

Along with the main event on disc one, there are plenty of bonus features with backstage and 
additional concert footage on disc two to make this a real keeper. I never can seem to find those 
Easter eggs though; I guess the little bunny knows how to hide them. If you are a progressive-
rock nut like me or a Rush fan you simply cannot miss this DVD. It is without a doubt the best 
DVD I have had the pleasure to enjoy to date this year.

©"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
October 25, 2003

Track Listing

1. Tom Sawyer
2. Distant Early Warning
3. New World Man
4. Roll the Bones
5. Earthshine
6. YYZ
7. The Pass
8. Bravado
9. The Big Money
10. Trees
11. Freewill
12. Natural Science
13. Closer to the Heart
14. One Little Victory
15. Driven
16. Ghost Rider
17. Secret Touch
18. Dreamline
19. Red Sector 'A'
20. Leave That Thing Alone
21. The Rhythm Method
22. Resist
23. 2112        
24. Limelight        
25. La Villa Strangiato        
26. The Spirit of Radio        
27. By-Tor & the Snow Dog        
28. Working Man

* Bonus features include a tour documentary, multi-angle 
viewing options, photo gallery, interviews and behind-the-
scenes footage * 16x9 widescreen presentation; 22 camera 

* Audio options: Dolby® Digital Stereo, Dolby® 5.1 
Surround Sound or DTS® Digital Surround Sound

Bonus Features:

* Documentary by video director and longtime Rush 
photographer Andrew MacNaughton that includes band 
interviews as well as rare rehearsal and backstage footage

* Multi-angle viewing options on "La Villa Strangiato," 
"YYZ" and "O Baterista"

* Easter eggs: "By-Tor & The Snow Dog" cartoon created 
specifically for the tour and an extremely rare live 
performance from 1975 of "Anthem" that was recently 
discovered in the Rush vault

DVD Extras:

* Documentary - approximately 45 minutes, includes 
interviews as well as rare rehearsal and backstage footage

* Hidden Easter Eggs including a rare promo video and 
"Bytor" cartoon

* 3 Multi-angle "alternative cut" options:

* YYZ - 3 alternative cuts of this song focusing on individual 
band members

* Drum Solo - 2 alternate cuts

* La Villa Strangiato - 3 alternative cuts of this song 
focusing on individual band members

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen * Color

Running Time: 128 minutes

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