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(December 12, 2008)
updated 3/22/12

I am now establishing an online collection of teachings, papers, audio, and video? that relates to the biblical idea of Christians overcoming, attaining unto sonship, the Bride of Christ being made ready, the bane of "outer darkness", the "to reign, or not to reign" in the kingdom questions & controversy and such as is related . . .

Please note: If anyone has any problem with my sharing these back-up copies of priceless info at this site, please let me know via e-mail and we can discuss the issue further. Thanks!

All these PDF files and Word documents are virus-free and can be safely opened and read on your computer. I can't say I agree with ALL the info offered here nor will I 100% endorse the views. These are study aids only and are for the reader's own careful consideration as to what is acceptable to their current level of revelation of Christ and the Eternal Purpose of God. Some are quite old and herald from the days of yore but they still may enlighten and inspire.


Church Without Clergy by Christian Smith

Rethinking the Wineskin by Frank Viola

1st-Century Church Teachings by Frank Viola

Eternal Security by John H. Smith et al

The Warning In Colossians . . . by Charlie Bing

Hebrews: Five Warnings for Believers ~ Scott Crawford

The Paradigm of Kadesh Barnea as a Solution to the Problem of Hebrew 6:4-6 by Andy Woods

Gehenna by Susan Cochran

The Outer Darkness by Arlen L. Chitwood

(Kingdom Approval/Soul Salvation Teaching) Quotes by Early Church Fathers by Sam Ennis

A Call to the Wedding Celebration by Gregory Sapaugh

A Panoramic View of the Outer Darkness by Marty Cauley


M. Huber's Outer Darkness

Judgment Seat of Christ by D. M. Panton

The Judgment Seat of Christ by Jack Sin

Kings of the Kingdom by A. Edwin Wilson

Marty Cauley's Definition of "Misthology"

Parable of the Wedding Feast ~ William Ramey

Ruling and Reigning in the Kingdom by A. Edwin Wilson

SONSHIP AND HEIRSHIP ~ Charles Mackintosh

Sons of God by Ken Yates

The Adoption of Sons ~ David Weber

The Biblical Distinction Between Eternal Salvation And Eternal Rewards ~ Bob Wilkin

The Outer Darkness by A. Edwin Wilson

Theological Legalism by Zane Hodges

Watchman Nee discusses The 10 Virgins of Matthew

Firstborn Sons by G. H. Lang

Out-resurrection by Kenneth F. Dodson

The Race and the Crown by Robert Govett

Resting and Wrestling by Robert Govett

Worthy of the Kingdom by Tom Finley

Bad Heir Day by Joy Veinot

Believers at the Judgment Seat of Christ by Bob Wilkin

Come Down the Road by Bob Wilkin

Fallen Away or Fallen Down by Hal Harless

Israel's Inheritance: Birthright of Firstborn Son by Anne K. Davis

Making Your Calling and Election Sure ~ Zane Hodges

Nike Christians by Zane Hodges

Romans 8: Who Are the Heirs? ~ Zane Hodges

The Gospel Uunder Siege by Jeremy D. Myers

Theirs Is the Kingdom of Heaven by Bob Wilkin

Outer Darkness, a teaching in three parts by Jefferson A. Forrester. I have added my own commentary and proofing annotations.

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