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Generic: no labels, no brand, no affiliations Christian: bondservant of the Lord Jesus Mystic: follower, listener, truster of the Holy Spirit of the Eternal God. I believe in direct revelation in the spirit via The Spirit. He can reveal Christ and God's will and truth to me in ANY WAY He deems fit. I accept the miraculous presence of the Almighty God in each moment, the spiritual can invade my temporal, spatial reality. Only via the Spirit is ANY truth revealed -- ever! I have audibly heard the Lord once in my life while watching a sunrise. HE IS REAL and when that sort of thing happens it is a mystical, magical, occultic-like (hidden) personalized experience. I tire of Christians denying His power and meta-reality. HE IS THE I AM THAT I AM!

"The question is not one of doing a thing for God, but of God."
"God is more concerned with what is done in us than what we do for Him."
~ T. Austin-Sparks

updated: March 22nd, 2012

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July 23rd, 2010 Beauty and Music existed before the Creation

July 20th, 2010 "Reading dat ol' bible like you been taught to . . ."

July 12th, 2010 Early church apostles would not recognize 21st-century Christianity!

July 7th, 2010 "Just Say No To Clergy"

June 24th, 2010 "Dem Changes . . ." (Musings on the creation of the biblical canon and more . . .)

June 6th, 2010 PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. Present-day Christianity has, for the most part, down-played this truth. Believers MUST know these things to grow as God intended. Without the cross working in our lives via our cooperation, we will remain "just inside the door" of faith, not realizing the WHOLE truth of Christ. Read on . . .

Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. (Mark 8:34). In the end it will be the End that judges our Christian life. And so it is the Holy Spirit�s work, His interest, concern, energy and activity; not only to bring people to the door and to get them inside the door, but to make them know that that door is but the opening of a Way, on the other side of the door everything lies. It is not the door alone, but it is what lies beyond the door, and that is this renewal, this making anew after the image of Him that created. The End governs: it is Christ in all that He signifies and means and stands for. It is that vast All that He is. �Christ is All, and in all� is the last clause. It is Christ in that fullness, which is more than our salvation, more than our initial salvation. The door is essential, but it is what it leads to that justifies going in it at all.

Christ Himself, when He was here, never failed to let people know that when they entered that door, or that straight and narrow way, they were in for trouble... Now that may sound like a very terrible thing to say, especially to you young Christians who are not far inside the door, but be perfectly clear about it; the Lord Jesus never deceived anybody about this, never at all. He let people know that to �follow Him,� as He put it at that time, involved them in difficulty and suffering and persecution and trial and a lifelong thing. There is a cost here, a great cost. And we shall discover that while there are the compensations, for there are undoubtedly the compensations in this life, and the mighty compensations for eternity, this is a way which is not easy for the natural man by any means. This work of the Holy Spirit is drastic, exacting, and very trying to the flesh. Make no mistake about it; it will take all the energy that the Holy Spirit Himself has to accomplish this work. It really will. So the Lord Jesus has not left us in any doubt about this.

~ by T. Austin-Sparks

From: God's Supreme Interest in Man - Chapter 3

As of the past few months, I have been doing an intense study on how the canon of the New Testament scriptures came to us as the bible including the Septuagint Old Testament. This has been a huge undertaking but well worth my time as the Lord has allowed me insight into so much. One day I will share here what I have seen. Lately, the Spirit has explained to me how we actually gain a "renewal of our mind" and how really fallen our earthly minds are, being in NO WAY capable of serving or knowing the God of Abraham . . . The truths I have been allowed to see are life-transforming and are so simple that the wisdom of man cannot reason these things out as they are hidden in faith, obedience, and the rhema revelation of Christ. I will add this teaching soon. God bless you all. 7/24/2009

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