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Alessandro Benvenuti: Sonic_Design
2002, Alessandro Benvenuti

Yes!!! Alessandro Benvenuti not only gets it, he can do it too. If you are a guitar techie, you must check out this album, Sonic Design, from the Benvenuti brothers. There is a definite reason why Frank Gambale and Prashant Aswani chose to make guest appearances on this album. And, this is because Benvenuti is HOT!

Now, I hate to pidgeonhole any guitarist into a charactization that he sounds like somebody else because I know this is not always well-received and sometimes frowned upon. And, in this case this is not what I mean to do in making the following observation, especially when there is so much talent involved... but, this guy has captured the trademark Greg Howe aggressive, legato sound, and can apply it with great affect and precision in his compositions. It is almost like getting another superb album from the great guitar hero Greg Howe, though Benvenuti has his own angle and slant on the aggressive, speedy style of fusion that Howe is a master. You may be momentarily confused because in considering that Howe is always coming at you from different angles on his albums, you may mistake this for another album by Howe coming from another of his new angles. This album will most likely delight any and all Greg Howe fans, as it did me. The influence of Greg Howe's style has a striking influence in Benvenuti's music, but Benvenuti's style is not strictly derivative of Howe. No, no... it is much more than that! Benvenuti's style has a trademark sound that is unique and will surely appeal to fans of aggressive fusion without prejudice of the strong Howe influence.

Benvenuti has plenty of silky-smooth, legato speed and is liberal in applying it. The aggression, legato, and speed is packaged tactfully and in a very appealing manner. Carefully selected voicings mark the background rhythms and progressions, much in the tradition of the great fusion guitar efforts. The technical depth is astounding, Benvenuti is seamless in his polished finesse, and creates the illusion of making it seem effortless. The ripping-fast speed is relentless from start to finish on this album. The speed is balanced and complemented with progressive fusion progressions, rhythms, aggressive phrasings, complex harmonization, and lip-biting melodies.

This is one of the hottest, coolest new guitarists that I have heard in 2002. Sonic Design is a solid, remarkable effort from cover to cover, though it goes by in a blink at light speed. There is no point in singling out any specific tracks, because this cavalcade of fusion bliss is nonstop. I just wonder what Greg Howe said (says) when he heard it... You know, they say "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery..." I wonder what might happen if Benvenuti and Howe were paired up for their next respective albums...

THIS is what good fusion is all about! World Class!!! CHECK THIS ONE OUT!!!!!

Guitar Alessandro Benvenuti
Keyboards Gian Marco Benvenuti
Bass Mirko Bellini
Drums Armando Croce, Pierpaolo Ferroni
Guest Guitar Frank Gambale, Prashant Aswani
1) The Sense Of Change
2) Eternal Dream
3) Time Has Come
4) EgoCentric
5) The Golden Cage
6) Reasons To Love Her
7) 10 Km More
8) Jama'

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