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 Amino Acid Flashback Artist: Ohm Release Date: 10/18/2005 BLACKNOTE RECORDS LLC Ohm's Amino Acid Flashback is a hands-down, must-have for fusion rock fans. Guitar and bass work is stellar and drumwork, by son of Ginger Baker -- Kofi, are solid & groove-paced. This release has that improv, live energy feel which adds excitement. Yet there are no bumps or warts as one may find in jam sessions -- just great delivery and raw energy. And as I have said before about Poland's tone -- it is blues-fusion-classic rock pure with just the right touch of fun pedals here and there. Bassists will be awed by the creative genius that Pagliani exudes with passion. Legatos, ostinatos, and fiery licks to die for -- lace every track. No weak cuts here folks! My fav cut is "Skint" for some unknown reason only my well-worn fusion neurons know. It will be in a future show playlist. Recommended jams! ~ John W. Patterson, & 

OHM - Chris Poland, Robertino Pagliari, David Eagle 2003 release, Lion Music label Get it as an import from: Website: GROOVEYARD RECORDS P.O. BOX 26871 ROCHESTER, N.Y. 14626 Poland has carried on that Jeff Beckian fusion era in riffage phrasing, voicings of his axe, and overall feel. You will also hear the heaviness of Leslie West's Mountain in places. Compositions are relatively unique and engaging and oddly enuff for what I was expecting (after his Chasing the Sun) -- Poland doesn't dominate the arena. His solos are evenly balanced, layered in nicely with the compositions, in fusion unison lines, great rhythm crunch and chordal flow, with only medium length explosions of soloing. The album is very unified in feel with essentially no filler cuts. Each song offers a treat here and there. You will hear Beck, West, Hendrix outbursts, nods to E. Johnson and echoes of Lukather, (but he's a Jeff Beck type axeman too). When Poland uses whacked-out effects, ring modulators, and Henderson-like, (Rocket Science era), crazy-axe, weirdisms that more modern 21st century fusion feel breaks through. If one thing is clear the real WOW factor and star of this release is bassist Robertino Pagliari on 6-string fretless --WHOA! Sweet stuff, really came outta nowhere this guy. I believe it's his fluidly structural and lively punch-n-groove textures that hold OHM together so impressively. David Eagle's percussive excellence cannot be ignored either. Put Poland in the mix with his unpredictable pyrotechnics, many change-ups, and OHM is a winner. (This is new fusion that challenges expected borders and is actually an enjoyable listen vs. an obtusely meandering avant garde blow-fest.) My fav tracks in order of overall excellence in order of "personal taste" were: "Mountain", "Peanut Buddah", "Brandenberg Gate" and "Orange". OHM's debut is a recommended listen for all fusion fans and a must-have for fusion bassists! ~ John W. Patterson, TOP PICKS

Chris Poland: Chasing the Sun (CD, 42:08); 2002 Grooveyard Records GYR005 Website:
This is an amazingly solid guitar-driven release. It is full of crunch, grit, punch, tone, overdrive, and spiced with feedback amongst tight riffage. You dig rock, foam over fusion? This CD excels at a perfect mixing of both genres. Compositions flow well with interest levels kept high. You get to groove, get wild, wax weird, and enjoy tons of soulful musicianship every song that comes along. This is top-notch guitar goods. Poland has crafted 13 tracks of excellence guaranteed to satisfy a wide range of guitar fans. All the bass and drum work are great foundations for Poland to blow free and build his crescendo upon crescendo. Fav tracks of mine are "Robo Stomp", "Chasing the Sun", "hip hop karma", and his Hendrixian trib tune, "Sand Castles".

Chris Poland does the OHM fusion groove . . .
Jeff Beck, (There and Back era), and bluesy-fusion rock by Scott Henderson, flashes of Santana, and full-out Hendrix flow from this song-fest of strings. Poland is no empty-headed flash riffer but injects real soul and melodic balance into each solo. I give this listening treat a well- earned 12.5 outta 10. Rock on Chris! I am ready now for your 110% fusion project, OHM, to explode on the scene anytime . . . like now dude! Ciao! ~ John W. Patterson, TOP TOP PICKS 






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