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Artist: Marcel Coenen
Title: Guitartalk
Genre: Instrumental Rock/Progressive, Metal
Label: Lion
Marcel Coenen makes his Guitartalk with twelve slices of fiery instrumental progressive 
metal tracks. He cuts loose with some of the best solo guitar work you will ever hear. Coenen is a 
well-known force in the field of prog-rock for his work with Lemur Voice and Sun Caged.

This recording, originally released in 1998 with seven tracks, now has an additional three tracks, 
all remastered by the Marcel himself. 

This is not a collection of shredding; it is very lucid six-string mastery. His abilities reminded of 
current wizards Vai and Satriani, two of the most revered players for this type of music.
The incorporation of different influences and styles (blues, rock, fusion) is what makes this so 
aurally appetizing. What I heard on this CD was a concentrated effort to touch upon a lifetime of 
persuasions in life and music.

Coenen certainly has recorded a fine effort. I would think the consideration as one of the best 
guitar players in the world today should be right around the corner if enough people hear this 
recording. Creating your own niche is not an easy thing to do and Marcel Coenen looks as though 
he has put himself in position to do just that as a valid solo artist.

©"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
September 20, 2003
Rating- 4 / 5

1. Independence Day
2. Race Against Time
3. Inner Alchemy
4. Fusion
5. Rebel
6. Fairy Tale
7. The Wet Season
8. Anthem
9. Shoreline
10. Moyra
11. Move That Groove
12. Endless

Artist: Sun Caged Title: Sun Caged Genre: Rock/Prog-Metal Label: Lion Website: Sun Caged is another prog-metal force on the mushrooming Finnish music label Lion Music. The label has been gradually adding more legitimate acts to its roster to compete with U.S. based labels. Guitar whiz Marcel Coenen is a vital component to the Sun Caged sound, which snaps, bites, and has you turning it up louder with each successive track. It came as no surprise to me how good this album was after hearing Coenen's astonishing solo flight Guitar Talk. I knew that I was in for a treat of six-string shrewdness, but what I did not know were his partners in crime are equally adept at their positions in the band. Andre Vuurboom is a spot on prog-metal vocalist…he has it down pat. His vocal inflection is in perfect sync with the bands sweeping attacks coming from the left and right. They are a double-edged sword that never gets dull, that is a fact. Joost van den Broek (Keyboards), Dennis Leeflang (Drums) and Rob van der Loo (Bass), hold down their end exceptionally well. They clearly define the meaning of teamwork and jell together as a band very nicely. You need to do yourself a favor and check these guys out, it is exhilarating prog-rock! ©"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck November 21, 2003 1. Sedation 2. Sun Caged 3. Home 4. Soil 5. Hollow 6. Closing In 7. The Eighth Day 8. Secrets Of Flight 9. Unchanging Rating- 4 1/2 / 5 Credits: Joost van den Broek - Keyboards Marcel Coenen - Guitar Dennis Leeflang - Drums Rob van der Loo - Bass Andre Vuurboom - Vocals





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