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Artist: Neal Morse
Title: Testimony (2 CDs)
Genre: Rock/Progressive, Pop
Label: Metal Blade/Radiant /

Neal Morse has put together his Testimony for the world to hear. You will know Mr. Morse by the time 
you are through listening to this new two CD set. This is a very ambitious project and in more ways than I 
could possibly count. First and foremost is Nealís belief of Jesus and his teachings, this subject is the focus of 
this recording. Most important is how this belief system has affected his life and the current transformation he 
is going through. There will be music fans that will not appreciate or understand his viewpoint and surely 
many of the Spockís Beard faithful will shrug their shoulders and not take a serious look at this music for what 
it is worth. That group will be few in comparison to the people that will enjoy this recording. Quite simply this is 
some of the best progressive/symphonic rock music that you will hear this year. Look at the credits you will 
notice some names.

With two discs packed with music you would think that there would be at least one dinger, a throw 
away tune, it does not happen. Every track is symbolic of not only a personal belief system of the 
artistÖit is in fact an abundant musical statement that begs for your attention. Not once did I 
become complacent or bored listening to any of this music. The variety offered is magnificent and 
it maintains a strong semblance of consistency without ever losing an ounce of positive energy. If 
Morseís intention was to captivate his audience and offer quality musicianship with a variety of 
styles, he has hit the mark.

Neal took the time to send this CD set to me personally and I thank him for that. I really 
appreciated his vision and musical statement. I am glad that the road he took led him to 
happiness and the truth. The reason that this project is his best work is because it comes straight 
from the heart without any misgivings or pretentiousness, you know that this is the real deal, all 
Neal Morse. 

The combinations of guitars, keyboards, orchestrations and great vocals makes for a classic 
prog-rock album that should receive generous and positive reviews worldwide. If you happen to 
read something to the contrary, I could only attribute it to sour grapes because he suddenly left 
one of the most successful recording bands, leaving people stunned and disappointed. My advice 
isÖget over it; this man is the epitome of courage and his voice rings true and proud. The icing 
on the cake is that the music is incredibly good. It does indeed support his newfound direction in 
life and we all should be glad he wants to share it with us. 

©"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
September 16, 2003

Disc One

Part One: (41:08)

1. The Land of Beginning Again
2. Overture No. 1
3. California Nights
4. Colder in the Sun
5. Sleeping Jesus
6. Interlude
7. The Prince of the Power of the Air
8. The Promise
9. Wasted Life

Part 2: (31:38)

10. Overture No. 2
11. Break of Day
12. Power in the Air
13. Somber Days
14. Long Story
15. Itís All I Can Do
Disc Two

Part 3: (12:06)

1. Transformation
2. Ready to Try
3. Sing it High

Part 4: (28:19)

4. Moving in my Heart
5. I Am Willing
6. In the Middle
7. The Storm Before the Calm
8. Oh, to Feel Him
9. Godís Theme

Part 5: (10:33)

10. Overture No. 3
11. Rejoice
12. Oh Lord My God
13. Godís Theme 2
14. The Land of Beginning Again

Total Time: 123:34 minutes

Rating-5 / 5



Eric Brenton: Violin, Viola, Electric violin solo at the end of 'Break Of Day', and great hair
Chris Carmichael: Violin, Viola, Cello, String arrangements and facial contortions 
David Henry: Cello and I don't know him well enough to make a joke about him
Mike Portnoy: Drums, vocals and the fang
Pamela Ward and Erin: All Female Background Vocals and soulful wailing
Rick Altizer: Vocals on high parts in the choruses and Beach Boy Backgrounds Extraordinaire
Terry White and Gene Miller: Vocals on the "Princes, Principalities" sections, "Oh to Feel Him" and "Rejoice", and they 
wailed a bit as well.
Jim Hoke and Neil Rosengarden: Sax and Trumpet respectively
Katie Hagen: French Horn direct from the Nashville Symphony
Mark Leniger: Sax solo on "The Storm Before the Calm"
Byron House: String Bass and mellowness
Glenn Caruba: Percussion and a bunch of stuff I can't spell
Johnny Cox: Pedal Steel Guitar
Jerry Guidroz: Handclaps, sampling and flying in the tick-tocks in 10 minutes!
Kerry Livgren: Guitar solo in "Long Story"

Anything not mentioned here performed by Neal





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