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Artist: NosajiX
Title: Harvest Season
Genre: Electronic
Label: Independent

I met Jason Morin (AKA NosajiX) today by chance at a local computer company I
had stopped in to visit to post some flyers and talk about teaching classes.
Well, it was not coincidence because everything does happen for a reason. He
teaches music composition with computers there and one thing lead to another
and I found myself walking out the door with his CD in my hands.

His CD Harvest Season is a collection of electronic ambient compositions.
The best way to explain what this music is about is to say that it is an
intelligent display of digital ambiance. The intelligence factor plays a
huge role in the overall process of making this music. There are no instruments
used, just a computer. That fact alone is mind-boggling when I thought all
along he was using a keyboard throughout the run of this CD. I called him after
listening to his digital masterpiece and found out that it took him 500 hours
of work to put it all together. It is obvious to me the reason it took so long.
This is a labor of love and what makes it so special is how he got all the
sounds together.

Two tracks in particular, which are beautiful and strongly classically
influenced, are Track #13 “Brandyforthedamned” and # 21 “Meandyou2.” If I did
not know how this music was created I would have told you he was sitting at 
baby grand piano or one of the best Korg synthesizers on the market when he
recorded these songs, they are so crisp clear and inviting. For electronic
music, this entire project came as a total surprise to me how good it was and
how much I really enjoyed it. Moreover, I thought most electronic music
was shallow and thoughtless, I was dead wrong.

I asked Jason to send me a few words about the project and his process; this is
what he had to say:

Electronic music is everywhere today, movies, television, Top 40, and my
favorite, video games.  It is commonly thought that electronic music is all
about repetitive loops or the "Techno" scene, if you will.  While that may be
true to a large part, electronic music can be very diverse and creative. Tracks
like “Meandyou2” and “Brandyforthedamned” are an example of the diversity
possible when you record every note of a piano and then arrange them to
compose. Virtually every component of music and sound can be created, edited,
arranged and recorded using the hardware and software available today.  You can
adjust velocity, pitch, tempo, breadth; you even have the ability of re-
inventing the wheel so to speak by re-dividing an octave to say twenty-five
parts or even a hundred.  This gives us the ability to create chords and scales
like never before heard by humans. It is an exciting time to be alive for
Music of all types is beautiful, but my heart is really set in classical.
Bringing the old style of composers like Hadyn, Mozart, and the like, together
with a 3Gh computer, is bringing a completely new world of music forth. Pop
singers had their fun, now lets bring back the music.
Most of "Harvest Season" was an experiment.  With “Meandyou2,” I wanted to
bring back the timeless piano, and really "write" something, so I did.
“Brandyforthedamned” followed and more are in the works. Piano and symphony
orchestra really marry well with synthesized software, and ah yes, the mouse.

©"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
October 7,  2003

1. Imagination
2. Chill
3. Untitled
4. Creation
5. Vertigo
6. In Process
7. March of Chimes
8. Bird Dive
9. Dizzylow
10. Runnin
11. Seratonin Drop
12. Init
13. Brandyfoethedamned
14. Extermined
15. Give Me Strength
16. Taken From Home
17. Kafinated
18. Reality Fall
19. Revealing
20. Stoned
21. Meandyou2





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