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Artist: Pink Floyd Title: The Dark Side of the Moon (1973/2003) Format: DVD Genre: Rock/ British Psychedelia, Album, British Invasion, Art, Hard, Progressive, Space Label: Eagle Rock Website: My eyes popped right out my head when I received this DVD. This is prog-head heaven, the making of The Dark Side of the Moon on DVD. The most interesting feature of the how-it-was-recorded series from Eagle Rock Entertainment is that you get a chance to sit in the studio and watch each individual musician play their parts. Another fascinating treat is listening to the engineer, whom was Alan Parsons; show you how he put the album together piece by piece. There is no doubt that this album is the #1 rock album of all time. Not only was it on the charts for 14 years, it was a groundbreaking prog-space-rock recording that erased all the boundaries and thought processes that were previously the status quo for recording an album. Some of the effects used on the album were so simple. On �Money� Roger Waters recorded seven different sounds, because the song is played in 7/8 time, at home utilizing a tape recorder, then he spliced together the pieces of tape and ran it through on a loop in the studio to get the sounds to come together and the band then played on queue to those sounds, amazing. Another interesting effect was the use of taking a small keyboard and pounding out five notes then feeding it through an oscillator and speeding it up to get the rapid synthesizer sound. I was amazed at the sheer simplistic genius that the band and the engineer Alan Parsons used during the recording of the album. I found the conversations with Roger Waters particularly interesting. He sits with his acoustic guitar and bass and takes you through some of the tracks off the classic album. I would be willing to bet most of you did not know that �Money� is a blues riff. I never pulled it apart as Waters did in his interview and you can actually hear how it does sound like a down-home blues song slowed down on an acoustic guitar. He also explains the song �Brain Damage� and how it is about staying off the certain out-of-bounds pieces of grass in England and how it is human nature to want to step on it even though you should not. Even though you need to keep the loonies of the grass, as the song says, the words imply that we all have a certain insanity running through our minds. Everyone knows how important Dark Side of the Moon is, my God, how many times has it been reissued since its inception? It all takes on a different meaning once you see how it was actually recorded and how it all came together piece by piece. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone that enjoys music. It is a fascinating trip just like the music is. �"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck August 23, 2003 Chapter Selection 1. Introduction 2. Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun 3. Echoes 4. Breathe 5. On The Run 6. Time 7. The Great Gig In The Sky 8. Money 9. Us and Them 10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse Bonus Interviews 1. Brain Damage 2. Money 3. Us and Them 4. Waters� World View 5. Breathe 6. Time 7. Waters on Rock �n� Roll 8. Chris Thomas 9. Gilmour�s Guitars: Breathe 10. Gilmour�s Guitars: The Great Gig in the Sky 11. Gilmour�s Guitars: Us and Them 12. Gerry Has The Last Word Rating-5 / 5 Pink Floyd in 1973 Was: David Gilmour: Vocals, Guitar Nick Mason: Percussion Richard Wright: Keyboards Roger Waters: Bass

Artist: Various Title: A Brief Glimpse of the Relentless Pursuit Genre: Rock/Progressive, British Psychedelia, Album Rock, Psychedelic, British Invasion, Art Rock, Hard Rock Label: Website: Had enough Pink Floyd tributes yet? Well, you may have but I urge you to check this one out before you write this off as just another tribute album. A Brief Glimpse of the Relentless Pursuit is not your ordinary tribute nor was Pink Floyd your ordinary band. Given those thoughts, you would expect something special indeed. Well fear not my friends, this CD is outstanding, and better than you could possibly have imagined. How could this not be one of the best tribute albums you have ever heard before, if you look at the contributors on each song, it boggles the mind�Ronnie Montrose, Fee Waybill, Gary Hoey, Dweezil Zappa, Tony Levin, Jeff �Skunk� Baxter, Tommy Shaw, Steve Lukather, Derek Sherinian, Chris Squire�good grief! The list of stars is just awesome. It is without question something the Floyds will be pleased to hear. I will not bore you with a track-by-track annotation, I will speak of what I thought were the very best tracks. �Welcome to Machine,� featuring Gary Hoey on guitar just smokes, thanks to Hoey�s prowess on his six-string and the powerful Derek Sherinian on keys. Both men are prolific players that tackle everything they do with a �Let�s kick ass� attitude. �Run like Hell� is one of my favorite tunes. It rocked so sweetly to Dweezil Zappa�s sharp and biting guitar licks. He is one the most esteemed guitarist by his peers, but terribly underrated by the music buying public in general. Then the rest of the lineup is amazing�Aynsley Dunbar on drums, Tony Kaye on keys, Tony Franklin thumping away on bass, and Jason Scheff does an amazing job with his pipes. �Money� has the amazing Tony Levin on bass. What a perfect song for him to play on, the intro bass lines to that song are so embedded in everyone�s head that ever listened to Dark Side of the Moon, it has to be astronomical how many people on the planet would recognize what song was playing just by hearing the bass. Levin has a way of bringing all of that right to the forefront of the song just as it is in the original. Finally yet importantly, the closer �Breathe (In the Air)� is simply superb. Robin McCauley, the only female lead singer on the entire tribute, offers her smooth and tempting style, which is just perfect for that track. Those were the highlights for me. You know, it almost seems unfair for me not to talk about every song, but there is only so much time. I have to level with everyone though; I enjoyed the entire CD, all 11 songs. On any given day, I would probably list different favorites. Those particular songs really grabbed me this time around. If all tribute albums were this good, I would not be thinking like everyone else does�oh no, another one of those boring tribute albums. This definitely was out of the ordinary �good� for this type of recording. There is nothing like the real McCoy but I have to hand to all the contributors on this CD, they all did a tremendous job of emulating the unique Pink Floyd sound. �"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck May 28, 2003 Rating- 5 stars!!!! 1. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. II - 4:00 (Vocals-Fee Waybill, Background Vocals-David Glen & Alex Ligertwood, Guitar-Ronnie Montrose, Bass-Mike Porcaro, Drums-Greg Bissonette ) 1. Welcome to the Machine - 7:51 (Vocals-Doug Pinnick, Guitar-Gary Hoey, Bass-Mike Porcaro, Drums-Greg Bissonette, Keyboards-Derek Sherinian) 1. Comfortably Numb - 6:54 (Vocals & Guitars-Billy Sheerwood, Bass & Vocals-Chris Squire, Drums-Alan White) 4. Shine on You Crazy Diamond - 6:50 (Vocals & Guitars-Steve Lukather, Bass-Marco Mendoza, Drums-Vinnie Colaiuta 5. Us and Them - 6:18 (Vocals-Jeff Scott Soto, Bass-Jimmy Haslip, Saxophone-Scotty Page, Drums-Pat Torpey) 6. Young Lust- 4:20 (Vocals-Glenn Hughes, Guitar-Elliot Easton, Bass-Tony Franklin, Drums-Aynsley Dunbar) 7. Run Like Hell - 5:09 (Vocals-Jason Scheff, Guitars-Dweezil Zappa, Bass-Tony Franklin, Drums-Aynsley Dunbar, Keyboards-Tony Kaye) 8. Any Colour You Like � 4:13 (Vocals-Jason Scheff, Guitars-Dweezil Zappa, Bass-Tony Franklin, Drums-Aynsley Dunbar, Keyboards-Steve Porcaro 9. Money � 6:06 (Vocals-Tommy Shaw, Guitars-Ritchie Kotzen, Bass-Tony Levin, Drums-Mike Baird, Saxophone-Edgar Winter) 10. Have a Cigar � 5:17 (Vocals-Bobby Kimball, Guitars-Bob Kulick & Bruce Kulick, Bass-Mike Porcaro, Drums-Greg Bissonette 11. Breathe (In the Air) � 4:52 (Vocals-Robin McAuley, Guitars-Jeff �Skunk� Baxter, Bass-Phil Soussan, Drums-Eric Singer
Artist: Various Title: A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd (2 CDs) Genre: Rock/Progressive, Psychedelia, AOR, Art, Hard Label: Stanley Recordings Website: Which one is pink? Take your pick from 30 different tracks. A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd is more than fair, it is outstanding. Surely, you will notice some of the names that contributed to this tribute in honor of one the greatest progressive-rock bands ever. Graham Parsons makes every effort to impress on �Comfortably Numb.� Trust me on this one, you have never heard this song sound like this and only someone like Parsons could pull it off and get away with it. To be perfectly honest, there were only two other names that I recognized, Quetzal (�Mother�) and Mike Keneally (�Astronomy Domine�). This is not to say that I did not appreciate all the other artists because I sincerely did. Everyone does a fine job giving his or her own interpretation of the Pink Floyd classics. Some bands are spot on capturing the PF sound and atmosphere and others were so far off that their interpretation could have ended up on any tribute. Ironically, that is exactly what makes this two-disc set so captivating and different. It is unusual enough to keep your attention focused on each track straight through the two generous discs. I think it would have been extremely boring if every song sounded like a PF copycat. I am most appreciative of each contributing artists� knowledge of the songs they covered. I think the reason every track had its own personality is because each individual artist or band was able to turn themselves inside out and show their true colors and how the inspiration of PF has helped to shape their own music. In the end, that is what a great tribute recording is supposed engender. If you have often wondered what these songs would sound like using different instruments, voices and genre influences, you are in for a bag of jewels just as the cover indicates. God save Pink Floyd�I mean the king, the ultimate prog-rock stoner band on the face of this great planet. Its funny, I do not need to be high to enjoy this music, never did, I just thought it went together like everyone else did growing up in the �70�s. Let me put it this way, the first time I heard �Animals� I was not straight. Great music needs nothing else to help it along much less a mind-altering chemical; some people never figure that out. Hell, this is mind-altering music! It is time to take out your �Money� and put it on the table to purchase this fine interpretation of PF music. It Us and Them, join us both now. �"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck August 13, 2003 Rating-4 / 5 US 1. Fearless performed by Tom Freund - 5:20 2. Wish You Were Here performed by Sally Semrad - 4:30 3. Money performed by Yortoise - 3:18 4. Comfortably Numb performed by Graham Parker - 3:56 5. See Emily Play performed by James Combs - 3:22 6. Mother performed by Quetzal - 5:52 7. Breath performed by 50 Cent Haircut - 2:13 8. Young Lust performed by John Law - 4:15 9. Time and Breath (Reprise) performed by Kelsey Wood - 3:05 10. Have a Cigar performed by Ira - 4:41 11. Bike performed by Harvette - 1:42 12. Nobody Home performed by Courtney Fairchild - 3:24 13. Piantbox performed by Jimmy Caprio - 4:24 14. Lucifer Sam performed by Billion Stars - 3:39 15. San Tropez performed by Dave Chapple - 3:12 16. Childhood's End performed by Becca / Pierre - 8:06 THEM 17. High Hopes performed by Shark / Smoke - 7:28 18. Astronomy Domine performed by Mike Keneally Band - 3:52 19. Corporal Clegg performed by Samarin / Morgan / Hull - 4:19 20. Let There Be More Light performed by Glass - 4:24 21. Pigs on the Wing performed by Tortfeasor - 4:57 22. Dogs performed by Which One's Pink - 13:38 23. Sheep performed by Numira - 10:11 24. In the Flesh performed by Shaun Guerin - 2:56 25. Hey You performed by S.A.M. - 5:45 26. Goodbye Blue Sky performed by Tim Myer - 2:21 27. What Shall We Do Now? performed by Which One's Pink? - 3:39 28. Is There Anybody Out There? performed by TBL / Stevie Z. - 2:44 29. Not Now John performed by North Green - 4:06 30. The Wall performed by Rat Bat Blue - 6:35





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