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Artist: Saga

Title: Marathon

Genre: Pop, Art Rock, Hard Rock



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Saga is Worlds Apart from the sound that made them internationally recognized music stars with their new album Marathon. In some obvious ways they sound very much like that keyboard dominated band from the ‘80s and often times they sound heavier with more upfront guitars. The mixture is one that may attract an audience that was previously unavailable while also satisfying some of their longtime fans.

I was disappointed with the consistency and lack of variety on this album. This kind of music does not allow too much variance, and it is because of a formula the band refuses to change. Perhaps if they try some new instruments like adding some horns or doing a ballad with acoustic guitar their sound would have a chance to develop into something more than it always has been, just for the sake of doing something different. I think the potential is there for growth in a definite fusion direction if they choose, a darker heavier sound like popular neo-prog groups have, but I somehow doubt that will ever happen. The genre they fall into certainly is no longer progressive rock, art rock or hard rock with elements of pop it most certainly is. I hear a group that could be so much more. Regardless, there has to be something working in order to maintain their longevity.

I think longtime fans would find some value in this release and first time listeners could appreciate this album. I never heard any albums in between Worlds Apart and Marathon so I really do not know if they went through any major changes with their sound. As far as I can tell, there is not very much difference in their overall sound over twenty years later. I honestly did not enjoy this album as much after listening to it for a second time and that is not a good sign, which points to boredom and disinterest the third time I give it a spin. Well, I know I have the one album by Saga that means the most in my collection, and it is not this one.

©"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

May 13, 2003

1. Marathon - 4:59

2. How Are You? - 5:22

3. Breathing Lessons - 4:25

4. Hands Up - 3:44

5. Streets of Gold (Chapter 14) - 5:11

6. The Blind Side of Your Heart - 4:35

7. Return to Forever - 4:26

8. Too Deep - 4:36

9. You Know I Know (Chapter 12) - 4:21

10. Rise and Shine - 3:32

11. Worlds Apart (Chapter16) - 6:10


Saga Is:

Ian Crichton - Guitar, Vocals (bckgr), Assistant Engineer

Jim Crichton - Bass, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Jim Gilmour - Keyboards, Vocals, Assistant Engineer

Steve Negus - Percussion, Drums, Assistant Engineer

Michael Sadler - Keyboards, Vocals, Assistant

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Artist: Saga
Title: Silhouette
Format: DVD
Genre: Rock /Pop, Art, Hard, Progressive
Label: /

If you consider yourself the ultimate Saga fan, I have a DVD for you. Silhouette is a deluxe 
comprehensive multi-faceted career spanning DVD presentation that celebrates the band and 
their 25th anniversary of making music together.

The first segment puts together all their videos for the first time then part two offers concert 
footage with a few bootlegs, and finally a section is devoted to in-depth interviews, which I 
thought went on for too long actually. Only the die-hard fan will appreciate the longevity of the 
interview section. However, any fan of this type of music will enjoy the videos and concert 

What I realized after viewing the concert tracks was there was much more to this band than the 
album World’s Apart. This band has worked tirelessly for 25 years and put out numerous 
albums. The first eight albums, intended for release as a sequence of chapters, broke new 
ground in the area of concept and production for rock albums. Their sound was always unique as 
well. With the ability to satisfy the appetite of progressive-rock and rock-pop lovers alike, they 
have remained both definitive and far-reaching, touching their listeners all over the globe.

DVDs do not get much better than this one. Get ready to set aside a few hours of your time. I had 
to watch it in sections over a period of a few days to appreciate the significance of what they 
accomplished, rather than trying to take it all in with one viewing, but that is my personal 
preference. Any way you decide to digest this DVD, you will surely come to understand why Saga 
is the pride and joy of Canada and their contributions to rock music are a piece of history worth 
taking a closer look at.

©"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
July 28, 2003

Music Videos

1. Don’t Be Late
2. Careful Where You Step
3. On The Loose
4. Amnesia
5. Wind Him Up (Mix)
6. Catwalk
7. Flyer
8. What Do I Know
9. Always There
10. Money Talks

Saga Live

1. The Perfectionist
2. Compromise
3. Ice Nice
4. Times Up
5. Scratching The Surface
6. Don’t Be Late
7. You’re Not Alone
8. It’s Time (Bootleg)
9. Humble Stance (Bootleg)
10. Intermission (Bootleg)
2002 Interview

1. Once In A Lifetime – Intro
2. In The Beginning
3. Chapters / London
4. We’ll Meet Again
5. Full Circle
6. Gear
7. Studio
8. Touring
9. Credits

Rating- 4.5 of 5 stars    

Saga Is:

Ian Crichton  -  Guitar, Vocals (bckgr)
Jim Crichton  -  Bass, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, Mixing 
Jim Gilmour  -  Keyboards, Vocals 
Steve Negus  -  Percussion, Drums, 
Michael Sadler  -  Keyboards, Vocals

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