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Artist: Triumph
Title: Live At The US Festival (1983/2003)
Genre: Rock/ Hard, Progressive, Art, Heavy Metal
Formats: DVD/CD & Limited Edition DVD
Label: TML

I have not heard these great rock songs in a long time. They all sound as good now as they did 
when they first came out. Rik Emmett (guitars/vocals), Gil Moore (drums/vocals) and
Mike Levine (bass/keyboards) are Triumph, a vastly underrated band in comparison to the other 
famous trio hailing from Canada, Rush. They did not make their name by having any hit singles; it 
took them time to gather their audience through endless live performances. On this CD and DVD, 
the live performances are the focus. The results of all that hard work unfold before your ears and 
eyes leaving no doubt of the importance of Triumph as a major force in recorded rock music 

Live At The US Festival is a remastered version of the original concert held before a half million people 
in 1983 in the burning heat of the Southern California desert ( It is now available in 
glorious 5.1 surround sound and you have the option of choosing two different formats of Dolby if you wish as 
well. This is quite a package. It seems to be more of common occurrence to get a DVD with a CD now. The 
competition to fill the consumers need for a more complete entertainment package is becoming more 
challenging for the media market; however, it can provide a nice vehicle for bands and labels to sell other 
titles in their catalog. 

The CD includes a limited edition DVD, which is a teaser for the full length DVD. I listened to the CD first, 
which got me all pumped up for watching the concert. The bonus DVD did exactly what it was supposed to 
do…whet my appetite for more.

The sound is enormous and the video quality absolutely perfected. I did not see any inconsistencies 
throughout my viewing of this DVD, which I find amazing considering my personal experiences with the 

The performances presented are fantastic. What an awe-inspiring and authoritative trio Triumph is. They have 
two equally fantastic rock ‘n’ roll voices with Rik Emmet and Gil Moore. Considering there are only three 
people in the band, the odds are that every song you hear will be enjoyable is a certainty. I really enjoyed the 
special feature rockumentary as well. I had a chance to understand the band better by hearing what they had 
to say about their career and the way they felt about their fans. I have to say that I was impressed with their 
attitudes. They all feel that they should give their best to their audience every performance because each 
person that attends a concert is a paying customer. If more bands had that attitude, when they became 
successful, breakups and over-inflated egos would not be the cause of such unrest. They are a great example 
of success story made on the road and being true to one’s self and art.

©"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
September 14, 2003


1.    Allied Forces 
2.    Lay It on the Line 
3.    Never Surrender 
4.    Magic Power 
5.    World of Fantasy 
6.    Rock & Roll Machine 
7.    When the Lights Go Down 
8.    Fight the Good Fight 
9.    Spellbound 
10.  Follow Your Heart 

Limited Edition DVD

1. Fight The Good Fight
2. Spellbound
3. Follow Your Heart


1.    Allied Forces 
2.    Lay It on the Line 
3.    Never Surrender 
4.    Magic Power 
5.    World of Fantasy 
6.    Rock & Roll Machine 
7.    When the Lights Go Down 
8.    Fight the Good Fight 
9.    When The Lights Go Down
* Plus US Festival interviews and event footage

Special Features
? Three audio options: Remixed from the original 
masters in 5.1 DTS
? 2003 Interview with Mike Levine & Gil Moore
? Bonus Videos: Spellbound & Follow Your Heart
? Inside the Rock and Roll Machine – A 40 minute 
Rockumentary highlighting the explosive Triumph 
arena rock show

Rating-  5 / 5

Triumph Is:

Rik Emmett-Guitars/Vocals
Gil Moore-Drums/Vocals
Mike Levine- Bass/Keyboards

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