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SIX CDs reviewed from a Series!

Suzanne Doucet and Chuck Plaisance The Tranquility Series (In 2003, Suzanne Doucet sued Allegro for releasing many of her CDs under their own name and labels. She won the suit and is in the process of re- issuing these and other discs under their original titles remastered with new artwork.) Morning in the Forest is another remarkable CD in The Tranquility Series from Suzanne Doucet and Chuck Plaisance. This disc is perfect for relaxation or for curling up with a good book. With discs of this type, the sound design is critical. Suzanne and Chuck have demonstrated -- repeatedly -- that they are at or near the top in that respect. This is, again, an essential among essentials! ~ -Jim Brenholts Voice of the Wind is an extremely strong disc from The Tranquility Series by Suzanne Doucet and Chuck Plaisance. It features an overtone drone and -- well - the wind. Gentle chimes augment the drone creating a perfect meditation chamber. This is also awesome dark ambience. The drone is deep. The wind howls. The subtle chimes break the barriers and intensify the mystique and intrigue. This disc is, to use an overused metaphor, an essential among essential essentials. Suzanne and Chuck have entered the perpendicular universe! ~ -Jim Brenholts Cypress Magic is an incredible work of art. Suzanne Doucet and Chuck Plaisance have captured the musical essence of the nature and wildlife of the cypress gardens. Their musical accompaniment captures the feral nature of music as well. In instances like these, mere words are not enough to convey the beauty and strength of the performance. The balance between nature, sound, music and tempo is complete and total. Suzanne's attention to detail and Chuck's ear for the proper tones make this an exciting journey. Their combined sound design expertise makes it an essential among essentials. ~ -Jim Brenholts Secret Lake is another deep exploration of the relationship between nature and music. Suzanne Doucet and Chuck Plaisance have married the two entities by combining the intrinsic sonorities of their instruments and God's instrument -- Mother Nature. The deep overtones of this disc convey the simplicity of relaxation and meditation. All too often, practitioners complicate the processes. There is no process. It is an art within each individual. This disc facilitates the art. ~ -Jim Brenholts Sacred Forest is a strong combination of nature sounds, chants, drones and ethnic acoustic instruments -- all with overtone qualities and effects. Suzanne Doucet and Chuck Plaisance are masters of this art form and this installation of their Tranquility Series is -- like the entire series -- an awesome meditation and relaxation tool! It might be trite and cliche but it is difficult to translate this disc's impact into mere words. The gentle atmospheres caress deep listeners warmly and lovingly. The atmospheres are looped, layered and sequenced to form one smooth soundscape. Again, this is an essential among essentials. ~ -Jim Brenholts Mountain Song is a deep sonic adventure. It is one of the Tranquility Series discs from Suzanne Doucet and Chuck Plaisance. They combine lush nature samples, chants, drones and acoustic ethnic instruments -- all with overtone properties -- to forge deep atmospheres that surround and caress listeners -- both focused and casual. There are no hidden agendas. Suzanne and Chuck intend to seduce listeners into deep states of relaxation and meditation. This is another great CD among great CDs! ~ -Jim Brenholts




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