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Artist: Jerry Gaskill
Title: Come Somewhere
Genre: Rock/Metal, Progressive
Label: Inside Out/SPV-http://www.insideoutmusic.com
Website: http://www.jerrygaskill.com
* Release Date: April 27, 2004

This is Jerry Gaskill’s first solo outing. I think he feels right at home behind the drum kit singing 
lead vocals. Come Somewhere is his new album featuring Ty Tabor, his band mate in 
King’s X. Tabor steps up and helps out with some exceptional guitar work and certainly makes 
Gaskill feel right at home. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this music sounds similar to 
King’s X, and that is a good thing because familiarity can help you at times, and in this case I 
think it does.

Gaskill does his best impression of Phil Collins and Nick D'Virgillio by putting out an awesome 
solo album and catching everyone off guard with how good his vocals are. The King’s X 
influences are ever-present with the hard rockin’ riffs and Beatlesque sounds hovering around the 
fringes at all times. It is a remarkably appealing combination of rhythm, melody, and straight 
ahead rock with biting lyrics to get both hemispheres in your brain working. 

I found the CD cover art very thought provoking. It could have many meanings dependent upon 
your own personal point of view or your place in life. Possibly the image of the woman relates to 
loneliness and baring your naked soul in a (nearly) empty room, so everyone in the world can see 
you totally revealed, then hopefully someone will come along and take you by the hand and show 
you a better way towards the light of life and living. The naked woman all curled up in a ball in a 
corner, looks very frightened, and she seems to need help. The picture certainly opens the door 
for many thoughts and ideas to the underlying theme of this project.

In “L.A. Flight,” Gaskill sings about changing the pain from black to white, which is an interesting 
play on words and something to reflect upon. If you are a listener that really hears the lyrics and 
what the artist is trying to convey, you will find a lot to sink your teeth into on this release. “Garden 
Stroll” brings Frank Zappa back to life when a voice that is a dead ringer for Frank interjects some 
spoken word into the song. It is almost as if Zappa laid down the voiceover and put it in the can 
for Jerry to use for this album someday, it’s eerie as hell. I felt I got another clue about what this 
story is all about in that particular song. The album cover does have one plant in it, which could 
signify the existence of a garden, and there is mention of cocaine, so perhaps this is about 
addiction and the loneliness it can bring into one’s life, threatening sanity and a normal 
semblance of life. The singularity of the plant’s life gives hope, which I think is a key. Let’s face it, 
what is normal about sitting in an empty room naked with a plant looking distraught and 
confused? On “Hello Mrs.,” another excellent composition that rocks, when Gaskill sings the 
harmony in between his heavy-duty emotive lyrics, he sounds like Marc Bolan of T. Rex. There 
are so many surprises found on this album, I think that is why I spent so much time taking it all in 
and processing it. It all starts when you look at the cover and then when the music starts the 
journey starts and never ends.

Maybe I got a little too heavy with what this all could mean but I just could not help myself. The 
lyrics forced me to ponder my inner self and then my thoughts translated to feelings within my 
heart, thereby allowing me to formulate my perceptions of the entire album. What really counts 
when all it is all over is that you will have a great album to listen to whether you have ears for 
music, lyrics, or both. This is a great album worth checking out.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com

April 10, 2004


01. The Kids (3:39) 
02. She's Cool (3:22) 
03. Johnny's Song (2:24) 
04. No Love (4:29) 
05. L.A. Flight (2:24) 
06. Faulty Start (3:13) 
07. All the Way Home (3:29) 
08. Crazy (3:18) 
09. Garden Stroll (1:25) 
10. Walk Alone (3:33) 
11. Every Day (2:53) 
12. Gallop (3:06) 
13. Hello Mrs. (2:40) 
14. I Saw You Yesterday (3:53) 
15. Face the Day (3:48)





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