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Artist: Gary Husband’s Force Majeure
Title: Live At The Queen Elizabeth Hall-London
Genre: Jazz-Rock-Fusion-World
Format: 5.1 Surround Sound 2 DVD Set
Label: RSJ Groove Productions-http://www.rsjgroove.co.uk
Website: http://www.garyhusband.com

Gary Husband has been around the block and back again as a drummer, composer, and piano 
player. His Force Majeure is an awesome combination world of jazz-fusion talent. Joining him on 
this entertaining two DVD set are a few of the heavyweights of the jazz-rock-fusion world, Randy 
Brecker (trumpet) and Jerry Goodman (violin), who played with revered Mahavishnu Orchestra 
and John McLaughlin. Husband is an incredibly diverse musician and obviously gets the respect 
he deserves from his peers. It is evident with the talent that he attracts to his projects.

Live At The Queen Elizabeth Hall-London is an amazing work of genius in progress. The 
improvisation and accuracy of every performance is notable throughout each set.  On Disc 1 
Husband pays homage to his influences in a three-part suite titled “Evocations.” Burt Bacharach, 
Bjork and John McLaughlin are the recipients of his respect, dictated in the most beautiful of 
musical representations. The second set is brilliant as well featuring seven original compositions 
by Husband.  Husband is a whirling dervish on stage jumping from his drums to the piano then to 
the front of the stage to conduct the brass section all in one composition. I cannot say I have ever 
witnessed anything like this before. I noticed subtle nuances such as Husband coaxing an 
unusual sound from his drums by licking one finger then running it down a drumhead. You may 
think that this is inconsequential but when you have an entire ensemble doing similar things, it is 
like musical combustion, and quite wonderful I must say. The first disc offers a collection of bonus 
audio tracks to enjoy after taking in all the visual treats, all in marvelous surround sound.

Arto Tuncboyaciyan is a joy to watch perform. He works with assorted percussive instruments, 
and unusual ones such as an old boiling pot for cooking and a half-full bottle of beer. He uses the 
pot as a drum and a small amount of water inside to get a sound similar to someone playing a 
saw. The use of a bottle is another matter entirely. Arto makes interesting bird sounds that make 
you feel like you are in the middle of the Rainforest not a concert hall in England. He most 
certainly adds a rich indefinable world tone to the overall sound of the band. Then of course, the 
legendary Randy Brecker on trumpet makes it a smooth ride for everyone while his counterpart 
Elliot Mason is right alongside him and a real force as well on bass trumpet and trombone. Mason 
has a wonderful tone and rhythm. Husband mentioned in an interview that he discovered Mason 
through a friend that sent him a cassette tape! The incomparable Jerry Goodman on electric violin 
gives this music its progressive feel. I find it hard to believe that Goodman had been inactive 
before Husband called upon him. His playing is vital and I can see what an important cog in the 
wheel he was for McLaughlin. The bass player is a real fireplug named Matthew Garrison. He 
plays so effortlessly, watching his fingers is like observing a butterfly flit about in joy. Garrison has 
also played with the likes of McLaughlin and Hancock to name a few, and has many solo albums 
available. Now to the all-important keyboards…Jim Beard steps up and does a phenomenal job 
with his tasks, which are daunting to say the least, with all of the odd time signatures going on 
around him he manages to play timely and gracefully. Simply put, everyone performs 
commendably during this performance. 

This is a real treat for fans of jazz-fusion and progressive rock. The music is complex, 
mesmerizing and above all original and unique. That fact alone should have you seeking out this 
DVD set immediately.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com

July 6, 2005

Disc One: 

Of Burt Bacharach
Of Björk
Of John McLaughlin

Bonus Features: Audio Tracks; Outtakes

Disc Two: 

Stone Souls
Wings Over City Square 
Final Curtain 
The Grand Old Lady of the Sea
Sky Rise 
Encore: Chiapas
Bonus Features: Interviews; Behind-the-Scenes Footage; 
Highlights Trailer 



Gary Husband-drums, piano
Randy Brecker-trumpet
Elliot Mason-trombone, bass trumpet
Jerry Goodman-violin
Jim Beard-keyboards, piano
Matthew Garrison-bass
Arto Tuncboyaciyan-percussion




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