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Gary Moore: Still Got The Blues
1990, Virgin Records, CDV 2612
CyberHome: www.Gary-Moore.com

Gary Moore first received widespread attention and national radio air 
time with his definitive hard electric blues effort Still Got The Blues. 
Up until this point in time (about 1990), Gary Moore was more or less 
an underground musician with a considerable following among blues 
guitarists. The title track received much air time, and rightfully so. 
"Still Got The Blues" has all the charactacteristics inherent in Gary 
Moore's electric blue style that embraces such legendary blues players 
such as Albert Collins, Albert King, BB King, and a plethora of other old 
timers. Gary's trademark is integrating this traditional blues with 
more modern guitar technique, feel, and heavy effects in a standard, 
traditional blues format. These things together achieve a driving, 
biting, hard-hitting effect that is always balanced with heart or gut 
wrenching melodies. Gary Moore is a true visionary who demonstrates 
a vision that has one foot firmly set in traditional blues and the other 
stepping forward in progressive stylism and technique.
Still Got The Blues demonstrates the wide range of Gary Moore's blues 
style coverage. Gary's playing centers around bittersweet melodies 
and themes on some tracks. The soulful melodies are balanced with 
Gary's hear-felt singing and overpowering, blazing lead work. On 
other tracks, Gary lets it loose with some driving blues tunes built 
around blues riffs. Moore is not so traditional that he will rule out any 
type of technique or phrasing and it is exactly this open-mindedness 
that makes Still Got The Blues a landmark in electric blues. The 
progressive, blazing lead work and heavy tones that Moore integrates 
are always balanced with his sense of proportion and foundations in 
musicality and melody. Gary Moore has excellent judgement in this 
balance and is always right on the mark.
Though the entire album is a solid effort from beginning to end, my 
favorites include "Moving On", "Walking By Myself", "Too Tired", and 
"That Kind Of Woman". The real standouts on the CD are the title 
track "Still Got The Blues" and "All Your Love", the old Otis Rush 
standard that Gary covers with an unmistakeable vision and drive that 
are all his own.
Still Got The Blues is the CD that first put Gary Moore into the world 
class spotlight and earned him recognition as a blues master, as well 
as a great following among guitarists. Moore was the first blues-
centric player to transcend the boundaries of blues in his appeal 
because he seemlessly integrates classically flavored melodies and 
guitar technique from other genres. Among the many guitarists that I 
have met, Gary Moore is the one that they all agree on, despite their 
preferences for genre or style. And, Still Got The Blues is the definitive 
Gary Moore effort. A must have for any blues collection!!!
1) Moving On
2) Oh Pretty Woman
3) Walking By Myself
4) Still Got The Blues
5) Texas Strut
6) Too Tired
7) King Of The Blues
8) As The Years Go Passing By
9) Midnight Blues
10) That Kind Of Woman
11) All Your Love
11) Stop Messin' Around
~ Christopher Ruel ~ www.ChrisRuel.com ~ Chris@ChrisRuel.com ~
Gary Moore: Blues Live
1993, Virgin Records, CDVX 2716
CyberHome: www.Gary-Moore.com
If you liked Still Got The Blues, you are going to love Blues Live. Gary 
Moore unleashes a barage of live blues ballads and wailing lead work. 
Gary Moore is in his element when playing live and his stylistic 
interpretation of the blues is very evident in its raw live form. Blues 
Live is high-energy blues featuring blistering fretwork that conquers 
listeners with a vengeance and blues presence that Gary Moore shares 
only with Stevie Ray Vaughan. Moore demonstrates his mastery of 
contrapuntal blues phrasing, laying to waste any doubters of his 
Gary tears it up on most of the tracks, but really sets the stage on fire 
on "Cold Day in Hell", "Walking By Myself", "Too Tired", "Still Got The 
Blues", "Since I Met You Baby", and a very raucous version of "Further 
On Up The Road", an old favorite covered by The Band and Eric 
Clapton. And, "Parisienne Walkways" will squeeze your heart with its 
bittersweet classical melody and heart-gripping lyrics even harder 
than "Still Got The Blues", if you can imagine that being possible. 
Blues Live is a solid effort from start to finish delivering high-powered 
and melody-oriented blues with earth-scorching guitar work the likes 
of which have not been seen since Sherman left Atlanta for the sea.
Blues Live is live blues at its best and the way the blues was meant to 
be played. No blues collection should be without this one!!!
1) Cold Day In Hell
2) Walking By Myself
3) Story Of The Blues
4) Oh Pretty Woman
5) Separate Ways
6) Too Tired
7) Still Got The Blues
8) Since I Met You Baby
9) The Sky Is Crying
10) Further On Up The Road
11) King Of The Blues
12) Pariesienne Walkways
13) Jumpin' At Shadows
~ Christopher Ruel ~ www.ChrisRuel.com ~ Chris@ChrisRuel.com ~
Gary Moore: Back To The Blues
2000, Sanctuary Music, SANCD 072
CyberHome: www.Gary-Moore.com
Gary Moore proves that his well has not yet run dry with his 2001 
release Back To The Blues. Gary returns with more of his signature 
blues melodies, demonstrating that he has still got a thing or two up 
his sleave that he hasn't shared with us before.
Back To The Blues opens with "Enough Of The Blues" that bridges the 
transition from acoustic traditional blues to the brand of bone-
crunching, electric blues that Gary Moore pioneered. The contrast 
between the traditional sounding acoustic opening and the heavy 
electric variations that follow really accentuates Gary Moore's vision 
in his interpretation of the blues. Gary opens up the throttle on "Cold 
Black Night" breaking out the wah-wah to mix it up with the rest of 
the aggressive guitar work on this track. "Picture Of The Moon" 
delivers the classically-influenced, bittersweet, melodic, heart-felt 
blues ballad track on this CD that has become Gary Moore's 
trademark. The next track, "Looking Back", is a flirty track about love 
at first hindsight with a traditional blues format and Gary's raucous 
guitar fills. "The Prophet" follows with some soulful and haunting 
melodies keying off of a harmonic minor, classically-oriented, blues 
progression reminiscent of a Chopin melody played over a minor 
based progression with a gothic gospel feel. This is some of Gary's 
finest melodic invention to date with a melody that changes following 
the underlying harmonic minor chord progression.
Back To The Blues continues to establish Gary Moore's electric blues 
legacy of heavy texturing balanced with unearthly bittersweet 
melodies. If you had forgotton about Gary Moore after Still Got The 
Blues, you really should check this one out and rediscover the prolific 
blues prodigy, Gary Moore.
1) Enough Of The Blues
2) You Upset Me Baby
3) Cold Black Night
4) Stormy Monday
5) Ain't Got You
6) Picture Of The Moon
7) Looking Back
8) The Prophet
9) How Many Lies
10) Drowning In Tears
~ Christopher Ruel ~ www.ChrisRuel.com ~ Chris@ChrisRuel.com ~




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