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Artist: Jordan Rudess Title: 4NYC Genre: Instrumental Rock, Classical Label: Magna Carta- Website: Jordan Rudess and the Magna Carta label did their part in giving America back a little faith after the horror of September 11th. Rudess wasted no time after the event and got onstage September 24th to perform some excellent slices of rock-progressive-classical music at the Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center (the live tracks are indicated with *). You get nearly a 50/50 split between live and studio tracks on 4NYC. Rudess recorded some tracks in his home studio while the live cuts were all improvised using a 9-foot Steinway, Kurzweil 2600 and Korg Karma. Since the release of the CD, part of the proceeds generated from the sale of this album has gone to the 9/11 survivors fund via the American Red Cross. Rudess, known for his roles with Dream Theater and David Bowie most recently, has been a true innovator of the keyboards. His diversity and flexibility with all things electronic allow him to create a literal keyboard, synthesizer, computer generated show that is both delightful and listenable to a wide range of listeners from classical to rock. His formal classical training at the Julliard School of Music comes through loud and clear in the solo spotlight, unencumbered by the band structure or any other instruments. While he is a fantastic component of any musical adventure he takes part in, this solo flight puts an entirely different spin on his abilities as a performer and artisan. Like the keyboards and electronic wizardry? This is a tremendous example of what happens when artist is sincere for a good cause. Get it for the music and everything it stands for, you will be glad you did. � Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck- March 12, 2004 1. My Thoughts - 2:10 * 2. If I Could - 7:07 3. A Step Beyond - 4:12 * 4. Outcast - 4:24 5. Lamb Chops - 2:39 * 6. Within - 5:32 7. One Voice - 3:48 * 8. Real Time - 3:23 * 9. Mourning After - 6:05 10. Darkness to Day - 5:32 * 11. Speed as Light - 3:34 * 12. On My World - 5:56 13. For You - 5:45 Rating: 8 /10 Credits: John Guth - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing Jordan Rudess - Performer, Liner Notes, Cover Self-Portrait, Improvisation Caroline Meyers - Graphic Design, Design Listen to samples & Buy CDs/DVDs here

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Jordan Rudess: 4NYC (CD, 60:31); Magna Carta Records, MA 0911-2, 2001 E-mail: Cyberhome: 10 words or less: Beautiful classical inspired tribute to the victims of 9/11 Elaboration: Jordan Rudess is the Keyboardist extraordinaire who played in the reunited Dregs but is probably best known for his work with the ProgMetal outfit Dream Theater. None of that work however shows all of what this extraordinary musician is capable. Half of this album was recorded live in New York, two weeks after the 9/11 attack in a solo setting with Jordan playing a Steinway Grand Piano. The pieces are mostly improvised, poignantly beautiful work, which betrays Jordan�s training in Classical music, his technique shining in nimble flight of finger. The other half of the recording was done in his studio utilizing Synthesizers but in the same majestic, emotive tone of the live pieces. This is truly beautiful music of the caliber one would not expect from a Rock musician. I was quite impressed and have found myself returning to this album on many an introspective moment. I highly recommend 4NYC to anyone who appreciates truly beautiful music. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this album goes to the victims of 9/11. ~ L Perez Listen to samples & Buy CDs/DVDs here

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Jordan Rudess: Feeding the Wheel (CD, 61:46);
Magna Carta Records, MA 9055-2, 2001 E-mail: Cyberhome: 10 words or less: Modern electric Keyboard tour de force involving many styles Elaboration: Jordan Rudess is the Keyboardist extraordinaire who played in the reunited Dregs but is probably best known for his work with the ProgMetal outfit Dream Theater. I had heard his 1997 project with Rod Morgenstein and thought that to be a solid but thin effort. I'm pleased to report that this album is exponentially better. The impeccable Terry Bozzio deftly handles drums throughout the album. Other guests include Steve Morse, John Petrucci and Billy Sheehan. After a very brief spoken word intro the rest of the album is instrumental. Kicking right into overdrive, the first tune is the ProgFusion track "Quantum Soup" shifting in and out of various time signatures with fiery runs and an uplifting melodic line. It's difficult to draw big name comparisons to these compositions as Jordan certainly has his own style. I'm reminded of some of the best Keyboard led albums that I've heard. Erik Norlander, Tomas Bodin and even the hint of Kenso are all conjured here. One thing I must say is that this album is not in the ProgMetal style of Derek Sherinian's works. There is a great deal of variety including much Classical and Jazz styling. Each subsequent tune is stylistically different from the last and the quiet tracks break the album up nicely. I recommend this album with great enthusiasm for all fans of Keyboard-driven ProgRock and Fusion. ~ L Perez

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