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Lumia Nights ~ Out of the Blue DVD 33 mins. (2004-05),
Charlie Case & Jonn Serrie

Charlie Case, Jonn Serrie and friends have
yet again excelled beyond my expectations --
my only complaint, being a visual musicks
and visuals junkie -- is that this DVD
wasn't even longer. Yet I realize that
what is already here to experience is a
tour de force work of aural & optic stimuli,
imagination, and inspiration unbound. Who
needs psychoactives with stuff like this?
(I don't recommend such "chemical escapes"
anyway as life & mind are too precious to
toy with.)

I will not go into a scene-by-scene analysis
other than to say some pieces have a clear
end and beginning while others blend seamlessly.
Where Charlie gets all his ideas is beyond me!
I envy his talent. Yeah, programs can be played
and macros and textures and permutations
automated with synths and grafix -- ah, but
here's the rub -- ex nihlo, my friends, all
from none, pure inspiration from the unseen
is revealed in marvelous wonder upon wonder.

The visuals sync great with the music and
transport the viewer into ??? -- wherever they
may mind-drift towards. I guarantee that you
will not be unaffected by watching and listening
to this DVD. It is a unique trip. Bravo!

~ John W. Patterson, editor

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Jonn Serrie's Star Chronicles DVD Journeys In Imagination Jonn Serrie's Star Chronicles DVD Journeys In Imagination features wonderful digital animation and stunning computer-generated imagery set to the superb ambient space musicks of Jonn Serrie. The longest track, "Journeys in Imagination" (22:00) offers galactic and interdimensional journeys that fit perfectly with all the "inner visuals" Serrie's music has created in our minds for years. If you enjoyed the opening scenes to Star Trek: The Next Generation's TV series then you will love this stuff right into the event horizon! The imagery is based on NASA and JPL databases! Wow! Next, "Auranvector" (5:00) is an abstract morphing random symmetry fractal dance of the first order leaning towards the trippy side of things but done with less 70s "hip slop" and more like an alien-Matrix/ William Gibson cyberspace/ X-files acid-drenced fever dream but fun for the kiddies too. The outro piece, "Deep Mystery" (5:00) is a totally relaxing optic drone of waves, seascapes, dappled sunset on deep waters, lucid dreamimg, quicksilver, liquid nitrogen cool and an isolation tank-like, altered states brain sauna! I loved it! Next go round I hope to see a DVD released with nothing but this type of deeper relaxing visuals and Serrie touching on a theme of more deeply minimalistic and alpha-wave inducing soundtrack. Charlie Case has done a super high-tech job and Jonn Serrie has composed music special for this DVD. If you want to hear brand new music by Serrie like the great CD releases of the past -- you definitely need this DVD. Highly recommended. Do it again guys! ~ John W. Patterson, Editor of

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