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Liquid Mind VI: Spirit (CD, 57:16);
Chuck Wild Records CW86523-2

Liquid Mind series number six is again bliss, ethereal 
transport, lazy summer day on the lake, foot dangling in 
the cooling water and the sunlight dappling all in gold. In a 
word, pure relaxation resides here. Chuck Wild continues 
his special theme of releases of release, discs of delight, 
and sonic sauna.

You can go as deep as you want in this musickscape or 
skim across its undisturbed glimmer to pass the hectic day 
until dusk. Fans of Jonn Serrie, Constance Demby, and 
Suzanne Doucet will hear their favorite epiphanies echoed 
yet Wild is all his own. His embellishments are not 
distracting but part of a well-blended aural theme.

Healing? Yes, indeed, without a doubt, this music will 
soothe. Therefore, in my opinion any hospice, AIDS 
treatment house, or place of deeper emotional need would 
surely benefit its residents' psyches playing this music. 

For that matter, even a metaphysical or mystic focus on 
God would be enhanced by having this music as 
background as it is pure, heavenly, and the essence of 
spiritual serenity. Spirit is a somber work, almost 
a "Holy of holies" type of experience where even a sense of 
loss, distant grief, and yet a confidence in and longing for 
the afterlife's glory shines through.

Superb, Chuck, absolutely superb, Bravo. Highly 
recommended of course.

		~   EER Editor,

Personnel: Chuck Wild ~ all synthesizers and keys, A.J. 
Teshin ~ background vocals ("Velvet Morning"), Michael 
Seven ~ background vocals ("In the Spirit"), 

Tracks: 1. Warm In You, 2. My Silent Knowing, 3. Through 
My Eyes, 4. Teach Me To Whisper, 5. In The Spirit, 6. 
Velvet Morning

Liquid Mind

: (the series) . . .

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Some days are exhausting. Some weeks are exhausting. Some months are exhausting. And sadly, for most of us, some years have exhausted us. Mentally, physically, and even spiritually we find ourselves ready to collapse. Many of us do not find rest even in sleep for we carry care and stress with us right through the night and it remains a heavy fog upon us when we awake. We drag ourselves along for more of the same. Our fast-paced and high stress lives are eroding our joy. Some of us suffer depression, mental woes -- while others suffer physical illness and pain. The many medications, the therapies, the escapism, and the denial can miss the source of what I term, "whole person fatigue". Only troubling symptoms are lessened. The core issues remain unhealed. Healing takes time, renewal, refocusing and the rediscovery of faith, hope, and love. I believe that valid healing is to be discovered in deep mind rest and emotional massage. Music holds undeniable power to manipulate our emotions, alter our physical being, and somehow echo even in our spirit. In my own research, for decades, I searched for music that moved my soul to peace without "weirding me out" or boring me completely. It needs to simply and purely shift my psyche into very personal spaces of rest. I have vainly sampled thousands of hours of music. And yet sometimes you are fortunate enough to stumble upon perfection, simplicity, polish, vision and bliss. It is like opening a small box in a darkened and chilly room and then discovering light and warmth pouring over you. The relaxation music of Chuck Wild has quickly become art that this music reviewer will never forget. All of his Liquid Mind releases, using symphonic keyboards and synth orchestrations, are easily in the top twenty-five of any ambient space minimalism or meditative synth releases I know. I am reviewing all of these releases in one extended review because of their highly cohesive and effective nature. There is a consistent unity of vision and sound forging happening here. Chuck Wild has crafted one masterpiece after the other, year to year. If you enjoyed the best of Constance Demby, Suzanne Doucet, and Jonn Serrie then Chuck Wild’s music will satisfy you and go beyond your expectations. The talented Chuck Wild of Liquid Mind gets two-thumbs up for his inspiring, healing, blissful, and meditative creations. This seasoned and critical reviewer highly recommends you obtain all of the Liquid Mind releases. Load up that multi-disc player, kick back, turn off the phone, dim the lights, and let the mind massage begin. Discover peace and serenity all over again. You deserve it and need it. Thank you, Chuck!





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