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Lisa Lynne
New Morning

Lisa Lynne has one of the most beautiful souls in the world.  She is
able to keep it and build upon it because of her ability to share it so freely
and readily through her music.  New Morning is her latest CD and it is a
true classic in every sense of the word.

This set of acoustic ambience has all the feel of traditional folk music yet 10
of the 11 pieces are Lisa's original compositions.  She also arranges all the
music and is an expert sound designer.  With various wind, string and
percussion instruments accompanying her Celtic harp, Lisa's soulful intentions
are clear.  This is penultimate healing music for the heart, mind and soul.

There are huge walls of sound, massive atmospheres and dense soundscapes.  The
rhythm and the pace are consistent.  There are NO flaws.
This CD is PERFECT!  It is absolutely essential ambience!

~ Jim Brenholts, 

Experience Lisa's Harp!

Lisa Lynne Franco
Quiet Heart

Quite simply, Quiet Heart is one of the most beautiful CD's ever
recorded.  Lisa Lynne, recording as Lisa Lynne Franco, created
this treasure "to show the music as it sounds with just my harp."  There are no
layered sounds and no other instruments.  This is just Lisa on a nylon string
Celtic harp, a wire strung harp or a Paraguayan harp.  She performs nine
original and two traditional pieces.

Lisa's harp has tremendous power and timbre.  Her techniques make it sound like
she is an orchestra of harps.  This is the best acoustic ambience.  Very few
performers get to the heights that Lisa reaches.  She is undoubtedly the first
acoustic instrumentalist to visit the perpendicular universe.  This must
translate to more recognition and renown for Lisa.

Deep listeners will provide that after an encounter with this CD.  The gentle
atmospheres are the soundscape.  There are no hidden agendas.  This is music
for communing with God.  This is the ultimate serenity.

~ Jim Brenholts,

Elfin Love Tribe featuring Lisa Lynne Franco
Fairie Tales
Lisa Lynne Franco recorded Fairie Tales as a member of Elfin
Love Tribe.  (She now records as Lisa Lynne.)  The other "elves" are
George Tortorelli, Mary Barton, Gil Morales, and John
Boegehold.  Guests and friends on the CD are Susan Craig Winsberg,
Michael Eagen, Mark Chatfield, Andy Gold, Jim
McGraff, Mark Romano and Steve Reeves.

These folks perform almost exclusively on traditional acoustic instruments.
 The only electronics are faders and amplifiers.  But the soundscapes are as
ambient and atmospheric as the finest from Hypnos or Groove.  Lisa is an expert
sound designer and arranger as well as THE premier New Age
harpist.  The 13 selections include traditional standards as well as original
compositions.  Lisa wrote, arranged and/or augmented all of them.

This is an essential New Age classic.  It is also essential ambience.

~ Jim Brenholts,

Celtic Zen
Celtic Zen

Celtic Zen is the debut CD from Celtic Zen, a trio of master
virtuosos.  Lisa Franco (now recording as Lisa Lynne), Michael
Masley and Levi Chen are Celtic Zen.  Tina Tourin and
Brent Lewis are featured guest performers.  This CD brings three of the
world's oldest string instruments and the newest (and most popular) string
instrument together.  Lisa is on the Celtic Harp.  Michael plays
the "Bowhammered" Cymbalon (Hammered Dulcimer).  Levi plays the Zu Zheng
(Chinese Harp) and a Fender Stratocaster (electric guitar).  And there are many
more instruments involved in this delightful montage of New Age sensitivity and
World Music sensibility.  Lakota flutes, Udu drums, tablas, pan pipes, chimes,
bells, violins, cellos, bamboo flutes, Tibetan singing bowls and zithers
complete the sound design.

This is a GREAT CD!  Levi, Lisa and Michael have deft hands in
the arrangements.  The instruments all have equal roles.  The atmospheres are
gentle and sublime.  There is no overkill.  Deep listeners will feel the music
and its psychoactive properties.

This is one of the finest hybrid CD's available and it is essential and vital

~ Jim Brenholts,




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