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Dave Russell: Paradox; (CD, 64:59)
D. N. A. Records DNACD08, 1997

Being an adherent to the trippy-factor and instrumental binges of artists 
like Ozric Tentacles, Gong, Steve Hillage, Hawkwind, and such psych/ 
space-rockers inevitably leads one to Dave Russell. You never heard of 
him? Well, now you have.

	Russell is essentially a one-man band, tour de force with a little help 
from his friends. He writes, produces, and performs most everything on 
this release. Set up your rhythms, get a bevy of synths cranking out the 
psychedelic scapes, and riff your heart out with fav guitar, soloing, 
pausing, and letting your brain float away, trak to trak. You have the 
Russell vibe going. And overall he does a strong show. His axe voicings 
dance in the halls of Hillage, Ozrics, Floyd, and even that Wavestar feel.

	On this Russell effort, he also leans heavy towards techno, electro-
boogie-trance, with a nod to Eat Static and Hillage’s drum machine phase. 
If you love synth layered upon synth reaching ever widening complexity 
of sequencing -- Russell will delight. If however you need a bit more 
guitar riffage to break the synth beat-fest mantra, some traks may cause 
listening interest to wane.

	Russell has done a good job on this synthy, psych-rock release and the 
snippets of guitar were impressive as well but too sparse for this ear. Best 
traks to zip to first are “Silica Extract”, the 9:20 monster “Pulsar”, and 
	~ John W. Patterson,

Paradox: Ecliptic; (CD, 53:02) D. N. A. Records DNACD012, 2000 E-mail: Cyberhome: Dave Russell is back as Paradox the band! Russell is guitars, synths, and programming. Add in now, drums and Roland V-drums by Chris Anderton. Bass is Airfix. Flute and wind is Jazz Westwood. All traks again are Russell creations. And right upfront, more trippy space rock and lots more guitar is evident on this release vs. Russell’s earlier effort, Paradox. This go round is a very strong echo of artists like Ozric Tentacles and Steve Hillage, with a dash of Hawkwind. No vox is used, just jams. I tend to think of this type rock as an electrified raga to induce the whirling dervish mindspace and when slowed down a reggae dub. What sets it apart from raga or reggae is that a jazzy rock fusion soloing is included, propelling psyches into a 20th-century artsy prog rock space. It is all a very intriguing head trip that Russell and friends immerse the listener into, into, into, into . . . Russell has outdone himself on this one. If anyone out there was fortunate enough to ever obtain Neil Nappe’s July release on the defunct Audion label, they will really enjoy the cut, “Madrigal”! Last trak is a live cut featuring Kimtain Hawker on keys and synths. Russell wails on axe unencumbered with synth duties. Recommended to all Ozric Tentacles, Hillage, Hawkwind, Floyd and psych/ space rock lovers. ~ John W. Patterson,


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