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Pete Namlook (12 CDs reviewed in one lot!)

Psychonavigation 3

Psychonavigation 4


The Seasons

The Dark Side of the Moog

The Dark Side of the Moog II

Air 3

Air 4




Music for Ballet

Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell have 
collaborated on about a dozen CDs. Psychonavigation 
3 is -- DUH! -- the third disc in that series. It is a set of 
deep hypnotic meditation music, ideally suited for -- well 
-- navigating the psyche. Bill's drones and atmospheres 
play with, to, off and around Pete's experimental 
ambience and subtle timbres. The combined effect is 
chilling and smooth. These guys are consummate 
professionals and virtuosos. This disc hits hard on both 
counts.  ~ Jim Brenholts

Psychonavigation 4 opens with some quirky 
experimental sounds that grab listeners with the 
intention of holding them for the duration of a hypnotic 
trance adventure. When Bill Laswell and Pete 
Namlook collaborate, there is always an adventure of 
some sort. While this set is more rhythmic than most of 
their others, it still works well and pleases on many 
levels. There are, of course, atmospheric passages and 
pieces to contrast and balance the rhythms. The balance 
is what makes the disc work so well.  ~ Jim 

Karl Berger is one of the leading vibraphonists in 
the new millennium. He has worked with many influential 
artists in many genres. His collaboration with Pete 
Namlook -- Polytime -- most likely stemmed 
from both artists' relationships with Bill Laswell. This is a 
set of delightful cross-hybrid compositions with multiple 
rhythms, diverse influences and deep tones. The vivid 
imagery comes from and covers many different spectra. 
Pete and Karl have contrasting styles that compliment 
each other. This is a great CD!  ~ Jim Brenholts

Pete Namlook condensed his four disc series -- 
Seasons Greetings -- into one CD. The 
Seasons reflects upon each disc and also pays 
homage to the many great classical symphonies and 
suites with the same theme. It also tips a hat to -- and 
gets input from -- Wendy Carlos' opus -- Sonic 
Seasonings. Pete uses combinations of effects, 
samples, processes, acoustics and electronics to 
capture the essences of the seasons. This is a nice set.  
~ Jim Brenholts

The Dark Side of the Moog started as a project for 
Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook to 
collaborate on one CD. The either had great success or 
too much fun -- or both -- because it became an ambient 
benchmark series. The first disc is deep and laden with 
quirky experimental sounds, cool drones, deep 
atmospheres and heavy sequences. It is not the best 
disc of the series but it is pretty cool!  ~ Jim 

The Dark Side of the Moog II is another very cool 
and fairly deep set of ambient excursions from Pete 
Namlook and Klaus Schulze. It has 12 
variations on A Saucerful of Ambience and it 
combines nature samples with acoustics and 
electronics. It is a fairly wild ride as Pete and Klaus take 
listeners through Laugh in the Dark soundscapes. 
The timbres are smooth and the textures are organic. 
The samples are processed for extra effects. This is a 
great CD!  ~ Jim Brenholts

Pete Namlook, born Peter Kuhlmann, 
might be the most prolific composer/creator/producer in 
the e-music community, certainly rivaling Robert 
Carty and Steve Roach. Pete has 
collaborated with dozens of artists -- some obscure, 
some highly recognizable. He has a penchant for 
extending disc themes into series. Air 3 is the 
third disc in one of those series and it is an ambient 
treasure. Pete looks at air from many angles and 
explores its properties deeply. This is a nice disc from an 
e-music icon.  ~ Jim Brenholts

Air 4 is a strange disc, full of strange samples and 
contrasting styles. Pete Namlook, however, has 
the talent and moxy to make it work. He is still exploring 
the properties of air and he does so with panache, grace 
and flair. The diversity of sounds and styles enhances 
the listening experience and embraces deep listeners. It 
keeps casual listeners interested. All in all, this is a 
delightfully quirky adventure.  ~ Jim Brenholts

Syn is a double CD of quirky experimental e-music 
from Pete Namlook, a leading progenitor of the 
style. His sound design incorporates deep sequences, 
electro-rhythms, weird samples and sci-fi sounds -- 
almost like sound effects. He puts everything in its 
proper place so that a meticulous -- almost pedantic -- 
sound design plays like an effortless concert. Pete is a 
virtuoso on the synth and keyboard, too, so the discs are 
flawless. There is nothing to dislike about this set.  -
Jim Brenholts

Atom is a hypercharged, hyperactive and 
somewhat psychotic set of space music from Pete 
Namlook. The disc has plenty of strange sounds, 
experimental noises and hard sequences. Pete wraps 
metallic textures and harsh atmospheres around the 
whole package to create and craft a sci-fi mystery. The 
music seems to be asking the questions, however. The 
soundscapes are trying to solve the puzzle.  ~ Jim 

It is damn near impossible to find an accurate or 
comprehensive discography for Pete Namlook. 
He has collaborated with dozens of artists, recorded with 
Romantic Warrior and recorded as Peter 
Kuhlmann (his birth name). Namlook is 
second solo CD under that alias. It is also very rare and 
the original is long out of print. That's a shame because 
it is a great disc, much more ambient and minimalist than 
listeners would expect from that era in his career. The 
atmospheres sound natural -- like unintentional by-
products of the processes. That quality gives the disc 
integrity and honesty. Fortunately, this CD is available as 
downloadable mp3 files at  ~ Jim 

Pete Namlook has flirted with the edges of 
classical music frequently during his career. His 
individual and collective tributes to the seasons were 
very reminiscent of Antonio Vivaldi and the Baroque 
era of classical music. Music for Ballet has strong 
references to the Romantic, Classical and Modern eras. 
(Klaus Schulze, a frequent collaborator with Pete, 
has released four discs of "ballet music.") This is a very 
nice CD! Pete uses samples and simple processes 
(delays and echoes) to compliment his atmospheric 
ambience. The sound is unexpected and quite 
appropriate. The ten movements of the ballet run the 
gamut of the experimental spectra. While it would be 
difficult to dance to this music, it would be a spectacular 
event.  ~ Jim Brenholts

Pete Namlook: Silent Music Pete Namlook is the collaborator's collaborator. Silent Music is a set of - duh! - quiet ambience that he recorded with Dandy Jack. It is a limited edition (1000 copies) CD. This is some fairly dark minimalism, similar to (this will piss of some folks on the ambient hyperreal list) Hypnos style ambience. There are some wild experimental sounds surrounded by vast atmospheres. The darker elements are not overpowering. In that regard, this is closer to somber minimalism. there are no rays of hope, so it is dark, but an easy dark. Deep listeners will be sad but not scared. This is a good CD for contemplation and introspection. Listen closely - alone - in the dark! ~ Jim Brenholts, Pete Namlook: Planetarium Planetarium is a deep set of cosmic space music and experimental ambience from Pete Namlook, nee Peter Kuhlmann, and Lakoff/IgrVer, the collective new composers from St. Petersburg, Russia. This is some dark stuff. The experimental timbres give the disc a slight avant-garde feel. Pete does not shy away from challenges nor is he afraid to take risks. Some of the pieces have overt techno rhythms and others are overt minimalism. Pete and the collective are comfortable in both styles. And, wherever they go, there are plenty of large atmospheres to compliment the style. Pete is a master sound designer and a top-notch arranger. He prospers in collaborations - either with well known or lesser-known artists. ~ Jim Brenholts,




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