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Ron Boots
Different Stories and Twisted Tales

Ron Boots has been one of e-musicís foremost talents and progenitors for quite some 
time. Different Stories and Twisted Tales hit the streets in 1993 on Cue 
Records. Groove has re-issued it in 2004, perhaps as a reminder that great music is 
timeless or that the ďGolden AgeĒ of e-music is not a single era or event. It is a 
process of evolution and can span several years and/or decades.
(This is an excellent CD. The following review is verbatim from my book - Tracks 
Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music. I wrote the 
review in 1999. My impressions, like the CD, remain unchanged.)
Different Stories and Twisted Tales is a documentary, of sorts, by Ron Boots.  
He has spun a yarn of about how tales become legends and how individual lives are, in and of 
themselves, tales and legends.  Ron creates the story-telling mood by mixing Berlin school 
sequences with dense atmospheres.  Track 3, ďThe Call,Ē features a smoking electric 
guitar by Klaus Hoffman Hoock.  The guitar is a dynamic compliment to the 
atmosphere.  Ronís overall diversity allows for dark AND pastoral atmospheres.  The 
darkness is heavy and overt.  The pastorales are dense without relying on new age or 
symphonic textures.  They rely on Ronís innovative use of sequences to create lightness.  
That unique texture is awesome and essential! - Jim Brenholts

Ron Boots Area Movement Ron Boots is one of the leading practitioners of the new style of European e-music. Indeed, he is one of its pioneers. The style involves a combination of Berlin school sequences and deep atmospheric ambience. Area Movement is a set of six pieces devoted to important landscapes across the globe. Ron conceptualized these compositions over the last 15 years. He uses more acoustics than usual and different experimental sounds. He also sings on one track. As a synthesist, Ron is one of the world's greatest electronicians. As a vocalist, Ron is one of the world's greatest electronicians. This album is full of great e- music. ~ Jim Brenholts Ron Boots, Close but not Touching Groove Unlimited, GR046, 2000 Ron Boots is the owner of Groove Unlimited, an e-music recording label in the Netherlands. He is also their major recording artist. He released "Close but not Touching in 2000. For years Ron has been developing and perfecting a hybrid style of e-music. It involves combining dense Berlin schools sequences with expansive atmospheric minimalism. This disc is the pinnacle of those efforts. And Ron, as usual, displays his sense of humor. His liner notes have some tongue-in-cheek remarks about his equipment and "gear nerds." And the music sounds like Ron had fun recording it. That always makes the music sound better. It sounds best when listeners hear the fun! So, listeners looking for Berlin school sequencing will enjoy this disc. Listeners looking for atmospheric resonance will go for it as well. Typically, Ron appeals to multiple markets. Reviewed by Jim Brenholts


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